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Polytouch® is a polyphonic aftertouch solution that can be integrated in standard and mid-sized key-beds, designed by ASM and manufactured by our mother company Medeli. The patented Polytouch® technology offers excellent response, high precision, and exceptional durability, all at a very cost effective price. We are proud to offer it as a solution for both semi-weighted standard and semi-weighted mid-sized key-bed configurations, with custom octave spans to fit a wide range of keyboard products. ASM has proven the responsiveness and durability of the Polytouch® system in all of our award winning Hydrasynth keyboard products. 

Polytouch® enabled key-beds gives customers an expressive performance platform with a natural feel, that does not require learning a new playing technique. The glowing customer and media reviews that all of the Hydrasynth models have received, is proof of the superior feel and playability of Polytouch®.

Our mid-sized format Polytouch® key-bed, the world's first semi-weighted Polyphonic Aftertouch key-bed at this smaller size, is available in our much applauded ASM Hydrasynth Explorer. Not only can a keyboard player enjoy Polyphonic Aftertouch with its vast expressiveness, but this key-bed also offers Note-Off Velocity data output as well as Note-On Velocity, and of course standard Monophonic Aftertouch. The very same features that we offer in our flagship Hydrasynth Deluxe!
An important part of ensuring the highest quality of our Polytouch® enabled key-beds, is the thorough production process. Meticulous engineering, assembly, and a final detailed calibration routine, provides the highest level of quality assurance. This is all done with the utmost care at the Medeli factory in Zhuhai, CN using highly sophisticated machinery, ensuring flawless operation and providing equal response across all the keys in the key-bed.


We understand the needs of the most demanding keyboard players, and we pride ourselves in creating the highest quality Polyphonic Aftertouch key-bed at an unbeatable price, and with an unbeatable feel!
If you are a brand or manufacturer of keyboard instruments, that is looking for a Polyphonic Aftertouch solution for your keyboard product, we are able to offer licensing of our Polytouch® technology. Please use the contact link below.
Our Polytouch® technology is currently being used in the following products:
ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard
ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe 
ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

KORG Keystage 49
KORG Keystage 61
With more to come... 
Stay expressive, play expressive!
/The ASM Team


Polytouch® licensing

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