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Sound bank by artist 'the Sun god RA'

We are happy to offer 128 new sounds for your Hydrasynth from Roger Austli aka 'the sun god RA'.

Direct from Norway, these 128 patches are influenced by the nordic winters in the 1980’s. Icy winds, frozen breath, the darkness of the polar night, yet rays of sunlight, warm pads, fireplaces. Macros often rearranges the atmosphere from one extremity to the other, not unlike the arctic winters.

Visit our DOWNLOADS page to get this free patch bank. Also get our Patch Manager software as well as the instructions on how to use it in the DOWNLOADS page as well.

1 Comment

May 16

I use the OB DX Cello all the time. It is awesome. For some reason, it seems rare to find Hydrasynth patches that emulate real instruments, but this is one string instrument that can sound like a violin or a cello and has a rich, mellow sound. The LassooMrsLuna is also very nice. I'm still trying to modify Analog Women and Men to sound like real voices. Something is missing, but it's pretty close to a choir. Great work!

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