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HYDRASYNTH 2.0 OS now available

We are happy to announce the new 2.0 firmware for the full Hydrasynth line of products.

New features include: Expanded memory to 8 banks (49, Desktop, Explorer only); NEW modulation source, VOICE MODULATOR; OSC Bit reducer; LFO quantizer; ENV quantizer; LFO Step Advance; Global FX bypass; Increased Vibrato resolution; New Sustain pedal options including Sostenuto; more LED options; Glissando in glide options; Arp Range goes to 6 octaves; Arp Step Offset parameter; more Rand/Init shortcuts (all STEP LFO steps, Wavescan waves, Voice mod offsets), Local On/Off saved, and more.

This is a free update for all Hydrasynth owners.


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